The rice fields of the Ticino Park

In the Ticino Park there is also a complex system of rice fields:

habitat essential for the conservation of numerous waterfowl (nesting and migratory), amphibian and odonate species,

as well as the largest and best preserved haybeds temporarily flooded, locally called "marcite"

The valley of the Ticino Park develops between Piedmont and Lombardy and takes its name from the river Ticino that crosses it for 110 km.

Its territory is occupied for almost 55% by agricultural areas, 22% by forests, 20% urbanized areas and 3% hydrographic network.

One of the main agricultural activities present is the risicultura.

This cultivation is composed of an agro-industrial chain that involves over 4 thousand farms and 95 processing industries (rice mills) with a strong territorial connotation.

90% of the areas invested and 74% of the rice mills are located in the 5 production districts of Pavia, Vercelli, Novara, Milan, Alessandria.

Reachable from the Camping Playa di Valverde by bike, following an itinerant route where you can taste the typical dishes of the area.

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