Ticino Park

Camping Playa di Valverde is located inside the Parco del Ticino, a place full of charm where the majesty of nature plays a role of primary importance. Since October 2002 the Valle del Ticino Parks have become part of the UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserves – MAB (UNESCO – Man and Biosphere). Within the Ticino Park there are several cycle paths, cycling on the marked trails, along extended fields and tree fronds letting the wind caress your hair and where the silence will only be broken by your joyful laughter. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this paradise of unspoiled nature and discover the flora and fauna of the area.

At our Information Center you will find detailed explanations on places to visit, on excursions and informative material, alternatively we suggest you to deepen by reading the itineraries through this link:http://www.parcodelticino.pmn.it.

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